TripComputer App release

TripComputer Free and Pro have been released to the Microsoft App Store. You can try them out by going to the Store. By buying TripComputer Pro you are supporting Spark Overland to continue developing these (and other) apps. If you have any questions about TripComputer, please Contact us or leave a comment below.

TripComputer Free

TripComputer Pro

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TripComputer App coming soon

When following a road book while traveling, you need to be able to track the distance since the last road book item and the total distance. You can do this with the odometer of a car, but in practice, this is a really cumbersome method. Spark Overland has created an app for this: TripComputer!

TripComputer will be available soon, as it is currently undergoing the certification process of the app store. TripComputer will be available on Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile first, with iOS and Android to follow in the future. TripComputer comes in two versions: Free and Pro. The Free version has the basic functions for following a road book, the Pro version has many improvements and functions that make your life following a road book even more easy!

Please have a look at TripComputer and see if it might be of use for you. You are welcome to give feedback on the app.

Spark Overland in English from now on

After a good look at the analytics data for our blog, we noticed we get a lot of traffic from non-Dutch speaking regions. This was not something we expected. So we decided to start translating our site into English. This will be happening in the coming days. Until all articles have been translated, Spark Overland is in a mixed-state, but the goal is to have everything in English soon.

Scharnierend stoelframe

Laten we eerlijk zijn; de originele stoelen van een Defender td5 van 2001 zijn niet super qua comfort. Niet heel beroerd, maar toch zeker niet zo comfortabel dat je er eens eventjes een paarhonderd kilometer achter elkaar voor je lol in blijft zitten. Natuurlijk zijn er mensen die dit wel kunnen volhouden, maar de meesten zouden het zitcomfort van hun geliefde Defender graag verhogen. Zo ook wij!
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