Welcome to Spark Overland

This is the first posting on Spark Overland. With this blog, we want to share our perspective on overland travel. We are a family of four and we travel by Landrover Defender 110, mostly within Europe.

We would like to help anybody with their own overland travels or plans by sharing our experiences in preparation and traveling. With time, you can expect posts about our destinations, routes and of the equipment we use and modifications we do to our vehicle and camping stuff.

About 10 years ago we started traveling, when we were still without kids. Now that we are a family with small children, our destinations are not as remote as they used to be. We will give you an insight into how we have adapted our travels so we can all enjoy them, grown-ups and youngsters!

Here is a list of topics we want to address some time:

  • vehicle preparation and modification
    There are endless methods of preparing your vehicle. Our belief is that we should only alter factory-standard items when there is an obvious reason for it. We like to perform most of the preparation ourself, because the gained knowledge will help us in case of troubles underway. We do leave the ‘heavy lifting’ to the experts though.
  • destinations
    Where are we going? What’s it like over there? Which campsites can we recommend?
  • routes and navigation
    To know where you want to go is one, but how to get there? What tools do we use to find our way?
  • equipment
    What items do we carry and what do we think of them?
  • travel with (little) children
    What do we do to keep our travels nice for our kids? And for ourselves?

In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us