Our vehicle – Cargo floor

In order to be able to mount the interior a solid platform (floor) is needed. The ‘furniture’ is only attached to this platform because the torsion/flex is really a force to reckon when driving off-road. If the interior was mounted all around it might break or cause damage to the car.

The cargo floor consists of strips of plywood (thickness 12mm) that will be glued to the floor of the Defender. In between these strips, isolation is fitted so noise is dampened and warmth is kept inside. On top of the strips goes another layer of plywood (thickness 18mm). The top layer will be used to attach cargo-rails (from the aircraft industry). This makes it easy to put in the furniture and makes everything detachable in case big items have to be transported. The plywood has a special waterproof and non skid coating.

The cargo floor extends between the back seats until it reaches the front seatbox. This results in some extra storage space under the cargo floor because the footwell of the second row is lower than the rear floor itself. A fridge/freezer can be fitted on top of the extension and will be accessible when driving as such. The extension also contains cargo rails, which make it possible to fix the frigde and also make it possible to put in a center console for the rear passengers when no fridge is needed.

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