Our vehicle – Right box

The system we use for making the boxes consists of rectangular aluminum tubing that can be connected by all sorts of couplings to form the edges of the boxes. To exercise a bit with the system, a small cube was built first. This allowed us to get some experience in building with this system and figuring out how to build the boxes for our vehicle the easiest way. The first real box we created was the one to be placed over the rear wheel arch.

The cargo floor has been completed and works absolutely fabulous. The cargo rails provide lots of options for securing loads and this gives peace of mind when something unexpected might happen. No more loose items! The floor has been isolated  with X-trem isolation foam. This helps keeping the warmth in our vehicle and it also provides noise dampening. The vehicle certainly is more quiet when driving now that the floor is in place.

Creating the test cube worked out great. The system of tubes and couplings is fairly easy to work with. All you need is a trimming saw. The miters needed for the corners can be a pain, but when using a little block of wood as a stop in the right place, they all come out perfectly. The panels of wood we use have an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) on both sides and make an excellent scratch-resistant surface. Because the slots for the panels are about a centimeter deep, cutting of the panels is not that critical and can be done with a jig saw or even by hand instead of with a circular saw. The rivets have been placed on the outside of the cube, because there is too little room for the rivet-gun on the inside.The panels for the lower box were CNC-cut to be an exact fit.

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