Our vehicle – Water and electronics

The vehicle is fitted with a 40L stainless steel water tank sitting just behind the left rear wheel. A special ‘water & electronics’ box was made and placed in the rear left corner of the interior. This box holds the water system and is the place for the electronics needed to operate it The left back window has been fitted with a blank aluminum plate to hold the filler opening for the water tank.

The box was designed to be as small as possible, holding all the water components in the lower area and the electronics in the upper part. This ensures that a leak of any kind will not cause problems with the electronics. By keeping the box as small as possible, more space is available for storage, which is a good thing when traveling with two adults and two children.


The electronics part of the box consists of a small fuseblock containing 4 fuses and a central mass point. The circuitry feeds the water pump, which can be turned on via a switch, which will in turn activate a relay that actually powers the pump. A LED shows the status of the pump. The pump is pressure-activated and will turn on automatically in case someone opens the faucet.

To be able to monitor the auxiliary battery, a voltage indicator has been fitted. This is activated with a switch, to prevent an unnecessary current-draw from the display. The voltage monitor also has two USB ports which can be used to charge (smart)phones and tablets.


The water system includes a purification system with a filter cartridge (from General Ecology). The filtration of this system is so good, that you could take in water from almost any source, as most of the bacteria, viruses, cysts and even bad taste are eliminated. Only the faucet is connected to the filter as this is used for taking water for cooking and brushing teeth for example. The water that goes to the shower is not filtered, as this is mostly only used for spraying off something that has become dirty (hands/shoes/etc). This ensures a long life for the filtration system, as it will provide approximately 2000 liters of filtered water per filter cartridge.

The water pump is a Shurflo Trail King, proven to be able to withstand the hardship of off-road driving and dealing with the vibrations that come with that. On top of that, it is also a reasonably quit pump. It has a pressure sensor, and automatically turns on when sensing the drop in pressure when the faucet or shower opens. The pressure is ‘stored’ by a small pressure vessel which is added to the water system. This also means the pump will not have to run continuously, but that it will pulsate when using little water. Ultimately, this uses less power from the auxiliary battery.


Fortunately not all space of the box is used up by the water system and electronics, which leaves some more storage space. About 40% of the height of the box can be used for storing items like spare parts or tools.

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