Our vehicle – Storage space

In our opinion, having your cargo items loose in the car can be extremely dangerous in case something happens. In case of an accident, all loose items become projectiles flying around. Due to forces of nature being at work, even light items can be deadly because their weight becomes ten-fold or even more. Storage boxes are a good way to prevent loose items, but they too have to be strapped down off course!

The storage boxes can hold all the loose items, for example your plates, cutlery, food, clothes, pans, towels, etcetera. To be able to safely transport more storage boxes, another box has been fitted to the car. It holds four storage boxes and provides a bit of room for some other stuff like a roll of toilet-paper, quick to grab when in a hurry… The small ‘shelves’ also serve as a ladder for stepping onto the bed in the pop-top.

The storage boxes are fixed with a ratchet strap. This prevents them from getting loose and flying through the vehicle in case anything unforeseen happens.

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