Our vehicle – Children’s beds

The vehicle has been fitted with two beds for the children. They measure 122cm and 190cm by 50cm. A standard self-inflating mattress of 150×50 cm fits on both beds. This will serve two kids at least until one (or both) is/are old enough to sleep in a separate tent. This will insure a lasting use of the vehicle without the need for (large) modifications to the interior.

Both beds have been equipped with netting that prevents the children from falling out of bed as most young children tend to ‘wander’ in their sleep. On one test-camping trip we found one of our children on top of the cubbybox and nearly hugging the gear stick. With the netting, this will not happen anymore.

The beds are fold-able and can be stored behind the right rear-seat. They are retained with a strap so they can not get loose in case of sudden braking, or when an accident happens. The front support for the beds consist of a beam that is suspended with straps on the sides. This makes it easy to level out the beds.

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