TripComputer for Android – Update

The recent silence on this website does not represent the activities behind the scenes. A lot of work has been done to develop the TripComputer App for Android devices. One of the reasons for this is the addition of (tulip) roadbook creation, editing, sharing and displaying functions into the app.

The addition of these new function might mean a new name will be given to the app, however that is undecided yet. It could very well be another few months before a beta-version of the app is available. Perhaps there will even be an update on the progress before that.

Take a look at the screenshots, they show an early prototype of the apps functions for editing and displaying a roadbook. Please remind yourself that you are looking at a very (VERY!) early version. There will be lots of changes before a final version can be released, and that version will probably not look anything like what is shown here.

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