Roadbook App Update

After many months of silence finally an update on the progress of the roadbook app. Progress has been very slow in the past. It is very hard to find time to work on it. The development has not stalled however. The development efforts have increased somewhat during the last few months. The API (backend) for the app has been improved/expanded steadily and is slowly reaching completion.

Completed functions of the roadbook system at this time:

  • Select/create an account
  • Create your own roadbook
  • Share your own roadbook
  • Download a roadbook from someone else
  • Use a roadbook
  • Update a shared roadbook
  • Update a downloaded roadbook

What next?

Short version:

Just keep on developing. 😉 (And having fun too…)

Long version:

  • Make the system more robust
  • Focus on the UI (which needs a lot of work)
  • Make the app available for (beta)testing via Google Play
  • Invite test users for a test run (or ride…)
  • Create Tulip-templates for ease roadbook creation
  • Create export function for exporting a roadbook

Lots of work as you can hopefully imagine. Do not expect a beta version real soon. Maybe the updates about the progress will be more frequent, but there are no guarantees.

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