Spark Overland in English from now on

After a good look at the analytics data for our blog, we noticed we get a lot of traffic from non-Dutch speaking regions. This was not something we expected. So we decided to start translating our site into English. This will be happening in the coming days. Until all articles have been translated, Spark Overland is in a mixed-state, but the goal is to have everything in English soon.

Our vehicle – Box left-hand side

The left-hand side of the vehicle has been fitted with a box similar to the one on the lower right-hand side. There is a little less space available due to the fitment of the water&electronics box. This means there is room for two instead of three storage boxes. A small pocket is available to put some items that need to be easy-to-grab.

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Our vehicle – Storage space

In our opinion, having your cargo items loose in the car can be extremely dangerous in case something happens. In case of an accident, all loose items become projectiles flying around. Due to forces of nature being at work, even light items can be deadly because their weight becomes ten-fold or even more. Storage boxes are a good way to prevent loose items, but they too have to be strapped down off course!

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Our vehicle – Water and electronics

The vehicle is fitted with a 40L stainless steel water tank sitting just behind the left rear wheel. A special ‘water & electronics’ box was made and placed in the rear left corner of the interior. This box holds the water system and is the place for the electronics needed to operate it The left back window has been fitted with a blank aluminum plate to hold the filler opening for the water tank.

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Our vehicle – Right box

The system we use for making the boxes consists of rectangular aluminum tubing that can be connected by all sorts of couplings to form the edges of the boxes. To exercise a bit with the system, a small cube was built first. This allowed us to get some experience in building with this system and figuring out how to build the boxes for our vehicle the easiest way. The first real box we created was the one to be placed over the rear wheel arch.

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Hinging seat frame

Lets be honest, the seats of a Defender td5 of 2001 are not very comfortable. Not that they are bad, but after driving hundreds of kilometers you will certainly feel the need for a rest. Of course some people love the seats and seating position of the Landrover Defender, but most of us want to update the seating as soon as possible after purchasing a Defender.

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Opbouw 4-pers. reisauto – alu profielen

Tot nu voldeden de multiplex-uitgevoerde meubels prima en dat zou in de toekomst ook wel weer kunnen. Toch zijn er diverse andere opties, die mogelijk ook interessant zijn. Bijvoorbeeld het gebruik van aluminium profielen en koppelstukken, waarmee je snel een eenvoudig je meubels in elkaar kunt zetten en door plaatmateriaal te gebruiken dat geen afwerking behoeft (multiplex met HPL toplaag) is tijdwinst te behalen. In deze post een alternatieve inbouw, op basis van zo’n alu-systeem.
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Cubbybox DIY

As with many Defenders, a cubbybox sits between the front seats of ours too. A handy place to put stuff, as the standard Defender lacks the storage capacity for putting away smaller items such as keys, sunglasses and your mobile phone. Putting items inside the cubbybox prevent them from flying around when the road gets a little rough. Our (diy) cubbybox could use an upgrade and so a new one is in the works. Read more