TripComputer road book app

TripComputer is an app that can be used to follow a road book. It displays the total and partial distance based on your movements (GPS). Whenever you  advance to the next road book item, you can reset the partial distance and check if you are making the correct decisions and are on the right track.

NOTICE: As of december 2018 the Windows Phone version of TripComputer is no longer available/supported. An Android version is being developed.

There are two versions of TripComputer: Free and Pro. The Free version has the basic functions for following a road book. The Pro version offers more advanced functions that help you even better.

TripComputer Free

  • Partial distance (show/zero)
  • Total distance (show/zero)
  • Supports kilometers and miles

TripComputer Pro

TripComputer Pro has all the functions of Free, plus:

  • Manually set partial distance
  • Manually set total distance
  • Timers for total and partial distances
  • Average speed calculated for total and partial distances and times
  • Portrait or landscape mode for all screens
  • Calculate a distance correction factor
    To synchronize distances between the road book and the app.
  • Record your locations in tracks
  • View your tracks on a map
    Map shows current position and speed
  • Export tracks via e-mail
  • Vibrate on button tap
    In off road conditions it can be helpful to also feel (confirm) your actions.
  • Better precision in distances: 1m instead of 10m
  • Use a ‘backwards’ button to decrease the counters when reversing

TripComputer Free and Pro are currently only available for Windows 10 Mobile.

If you have any questions about TripComputer, please contact us.